Parts needed urgently for the Ventilator Crowd project

Holding us up today (Sunday 5th April) is a requirement for an Arduino compatible display. Ideally we need an I2C LCD 2004:

The display is needed by one of our team - Simon, who lives in Berkshire. If anybody has one close by and can lend / give / sell it to Simon then we would be very gratefull.

We also need:

  • Polycarb, or Acylic 1000x 600 x 10mm makes 1 case to current geometry.

  • 150 x 150 x 20mm acetal for 1 pair of paddles

  • Fasteners for case, assembly options to be decided

  • Bag outlet adaptors to enable mask to be remote from bag

  • PEEP valve Rapid prototype (Ambu design) springs

  • Buttons (momentary)

  • Rotary Encoders

  • Potentiometers Linear or otherwise (don't care)

  • Arduinos/STM32f' development boards

  • Breakout boards for quick wire wrap development

  • Pressure sensors

  • Case for electronics, Peli case (Size not yet confirmed)

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