Ready for some Good News?

One of our followers commented that they like to see posts that show something positive happening. After I posted James’ 3D printer valve assembly last week I wanted to showcase another contribution from one of the highly-active members on our team. Oli Hutchinson from Hutchinson Creative recently completed a 24-hour ‘3D Print-athon’ generating dozens of full-face masks for Huddersfield Royal Infirmary.

Oli modified an existing design from the US to work with UK sized transparent plastic sheets. He delivered the first batch of 20 very quickly and got great feedback from the hospital team. He delivered a second two batches – a total of 27 mask over the next few days. He then went into his 24-hour Print-athon (as he calls it) and produced another batch of 44 – all very much appreciated.

All of this is on top of the work that Oli has been doing with our ‘fast-build’ team on the Ventilator Crowd project. It is difficult to convey in a blog post the amount of work by the team and the progress that I am seeing. In 30 years working on Systems Engineering projects I don’t think I have ever seen a more focussed and determined crowd of people focussed on delivering a product to a tight time scale.

We all know that ‘Plan A’ is to source high-end ventilators from dedicated medical equipment manufacturers. Plan B is for the advanced technology companies (Rolls-Royce, Tesla, Dyson and F1 amongst others) to apply their amazing skills and technology expertise to this urgent problem. I, for one, hope that one of those plans works out for the best.

I have no embarrassment about being part of ‘Plan C’ – an army of dedicated engineers, makers, scientists and creative working together to provide a credible alternative if all else fails. There are now dozens of these types of projects world-wide and the vast majority are sharing knowledge and designs in an open and collaborative fashion. I even dialled in to an online conference dedicated to enabling the teams to share their ideas and experience.

We will shortly be sharing our design more widely. The photographs I have seen so far look amazing.


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